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In most plants, production and distribution of steam is just one of many added responsibilities taken on by manufacturing management teams. As steam can be integral to a plant’s operation, these systems are invariably designed to over-produce and over-distribute, minimizing production risk while adding some level of additional operating cost for this insurance.

Similar to our approach with compressed air, Groom Energy’s engineers first study, measure and quantify the steam system’s operation, while looking for upgrade opportunities that reduce energy consumption without increasing risk. Typically we focus on more efficient production designs (burners, controls, heat recapture) with better distribution layouts (insulation, piping, valving) while looking for ways to reduce end-point demand. Our teams consider each application for its potential financial return, its relationship to that plant’s core business and our customers’s long term plans for their operations.

As with all energy efficient projects, these upgrades are often supported by attractive local utility incentives. But these types of incentives also require a supporting energy model that can be precisely measured and verified. Groom Energy specializes in this technical administration, making certain that these projects secure the incentives, and boosting the investment return for our customers.

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