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On Site & Renewable Energy

On site generation and onsite solar offer the opportunity to take control of your energy costs and manage your long-term energy budget. These systems can be designed to provide power coincident with your facility’s load profile in order to offset traditional retail energy purchases, while also reducing your peak demand charges.

Groom Energy’s engineers will assess your facility load profile, rate structure, growth projections, and facility electrical infrastructure to determine which types of generation meet your financial and operational goals.
In the case of on-site generation, our engineers will provide detailed consultative sizing to minimize energy costs, while providing steam, chilled water, and backup power to support your facility’s operations. The team will also assist in securing long term fuel contracts to mitigate future energy price increases.

In the case of onsite solar, we'll assess your facility’s energy load curve, roof condition or adjacent property, and electrical infrastructure to design a system capable of provide competitive long-term energy to your facility, while meeting your sustainability goals.

By partnering with our EDF affiliates, Groom Energy also has the capability to own and operate your onsite generation in order to eliminate any operational burdens or capital allocation requirements. For these financed projects, energy is delivered in the form of a Power Purchase Agreement or lease structure, monetizing all the available tax incentives, rebates, Renewable Energy Credits, or alternative revenues and making it easier for you to hedge your energy costs with no capital investment.