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Rooftop Unit Upgrades

Almost half of all US commercial space is conditioned by self-contained roof-mounted packaged systems called rooftop units (RTUs). But while RTUs can represent over 50% of a building’s total energy load, their annual service is typically a visual inspection and filter replacement by a local mechanical contractor.

By implementing energy centric RTU servicing, Groom Energy will help reduce your system’s energy consumption by 10 to 50%, providing fast financial payback and extending the life of these high cost capital assets. To confirm that even your newest RTUs benefit, we perform before and after measurement and verification, confirming the system savings gained from this servicing. The servicing includes restoring condenser and evaporator coils, performing refrigerant leak detection, recalibrating enthalpy sensors on economizers and CO2 demand-control-ventilation systems and proactively identifying maintenance issues that will affect you in the future.

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