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Rooftop Unit Controls

Rooftop units are often overlooked as energy efficiency opportunities, consistently consuming over 50% of a building’s energy budget, yet only being monitored, controlled and maintained on a limited or emergency basis.

Groom Energy can assess your RTUs and identify multiple ways to upgrade these systems, reducing energy consumption while extending their useful life spans. Upgrade measures can include adding internet-accessible controls which reduce unnecessary run times, sequence fan and compressor operation or manage outside air requirements based on the measured CO2, humidity and temperature level.

While measurement and verification (M&V) of RTU requires in-depth metering, the financial return for implementing these upgrades is typically very attractive. Groom Energy will implement the upgrades you select, maximize utility incentives using pre and post M&V and perform EPAct qualification. Collectively these incentives can often reach 50% of the project’s total cost, an attractive option for your company.

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