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Power Factor

The electricity that powers your facility often gets over-looked as an opportunity to become more energy efficient. Power Factor and Power Quality are two important issues that determine cost and efficiency. Power quality can detrimentally affect many of today’s electronic energy efficient technologies, and in many cases is produced by facility equipment. Groom engineers are experts at understanding key quality issues like excessive harmonic distortion and transient voltage in your facility and recommending technology that can cost effectively protect your energy efficient investment.Power Factor imbalances (low PF) regularly occur as inductive and reactive loads imbalance your current draw from your power provider. These imbalances created by capacitors and inductors used in your facility, from power consumers such as motors or magnetic ballasts with your older lighting systems, can drive huge demand charges.

Your power provider often charges you both for your power demand as well as your power factor quality, sometimes representing up to 25% of your overall electricity costs. Power Quality specialists on the Groom Energy team can identify these opportunities, determine the sources and implement correction measures. After studying your utility bills, our on-site team will use power monitoring tools to study all equipment inside your site, from the transformer itself to any significant load consuming systems.