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Grocery Refrigeration

Refrigeration is a mission critical system in the grocery business, providing storage for millions of dollars in food product that consumers buy on a daily basis. The systems normally run at full capacity, all year round.

And this comes at a cost, with 45-55% of the total energy consumed within a typical grocery store is used for refrigeration.

But real refrigeration demand levels vary significantly based on customer activity, outside temperature and humidity levels, and nighttime inventory restocking. As a result, there are usually great opportunities for energy efficient upgrades, making it possible to reduce energy consumption and downtime, while extending system life.

Groom Energy engineers first meter and monitor a store’s principle refrigeration components in order to better understand regular performance. With this visibility, we perform detailed surveys of compressors, distribution feeds and the end points of consumption, including cases, reach-in coolers and back of house storage areas.

This leads us to develop an upgrade strategy for that particular store, which bests fit the practical day to day usage patterns, but reduces energy with investments that have high return. We may add controls, perform recommissioning of the whole system, or upgrade the compressors or case motors, all of which drive significant energy reductions.

Our goal is to make it possible to do this not once, but at all stores in a grocery chain, making the upgrade programmatic by design, so that the largest possible savings can be realized through multi-store implementations, all managed by our grocery trained delivery teams.