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Our Triple Crown – Groom Energy Makes Inc. 5000 For Third Consecutive Year

Last week our team was proud to see Groom Energy’s name again included on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list, this for our third year in a row. A decade ago we started our company not knowing how it would develop, but expecting that each year would be a new chapter, with constant change being a fundamental part of the entrepreneurial journey.... Read More

The New World – Using Toilet Water to Wash Your Hands? Ew.

Last week our annual Red Sox outing came close to being washed out.  The first pitch was thrown with threatening clouds over Fenway, while our iPhones lit up with tornado warnings for Greater Boston.  But we lucked out and the game played on uninterrupted, although the last place Sox did avoid the win. As a distraction from watching errors on the field... Read More

Industrial Steam Efficiency – Think Really Hot Compressed Air

Steam has long been an efficient way for manufacturing plants to deliver predictable, even heating to their production lines.  Typically our customers use medium pressure steam in food processing, as an input for metal or rubber manufacturing or to purify vapor streams in the production of chemicals. Recently our industrial team modeled an energy efficient steam upgrade at a... Read More

LightFair 2015 – Even Fluorescent is Now Uncool….

Last week’s annual LightFair conference was the fifth since the show turned into LEDFair back in 2010. At that event, for the first time, more than half of the show’s 450 vendors were displaying LED products. This year virtually all 500+ vendors in the Javitz Center were LED-centric. LED lighting has been PacMan, gobbling up LightFair booth space formerly reserved for less exciting high-intensity discharge, halogen and neon... Read More

Deflategate – Document Your Baseline

Both Juno and Deflategate hit Greater Boston hard this past week.  Fortunately we’ve dug ourselves out of Juno – but we’re still buried in the Patriots’ mess. Heading into Super Bowl weekend sports fans around the country are debating what the Patriots’ did (or didn’t do) with the footballs – and celebrities are having a... Read More

Our LightFair 2014 LED Scavenger Hunt

This year we flew the whole Groom Energy field engineering team to Las Vegas for LightFair, the 25th annual lighting industry show.  While Vegas is a fun location for our team meeting, our real plan was to conduct an LED scavenger hunt, sending our engineers onto LightFair’s 500+ vendor filled exhibit hall in search of the latest, coolest LED lighting technologies. Can you... Read More

Industrial Efficiency Upgrade: “On Demand” Compressed Air

On a recent plant visit our engineers followed a rumbling noise from a backroom to discover a large air compressor running flat out.  The 300 horsepower (HP) system was pushing 100psi air to a set of production lines located at the other end of the facility.  Serious industrial production stuff. To the layman the slight... Read More

Energy Efficiency Finance – The Market’s Developing – But More Slowly than Solar

Last week I attended EDF/Citibank’s 3rd Energy Efficiency Financeconference in NYC.  Since their inaugural event a few years ago this conference has always provided a good gauge on the market’s rate of progress. Brad Copithorne‘s (EDF) opening summarized the overall mood, providing statistics confirming we’re broadly headed in the right direction, but acknowledging the disappointment that deal volume... Read More

In 2014 Energy Security Takes on a Different Meaning

During World War II energy security meant access to oil for our fighting troops.  Years later the 1970′s oil crisis highlighted our supply risk with the Middle East. Post September 11th, with terrorism on the top of Washington’s agenda, the US connected energy to national security, taking steps like fortifying entrance points to nuclear power plants and natural... Read More

R.I.P. EPAct, December 31, 2013

Like for many businesses, end of year is a busy time at Groom Energy.   Our engineering team is scrambling to satisfy utilities’ requirements, our back office is beginning year-end closing and our customers are pushing us to complete projects with budgets that disappear if unused. With the EPAct tax deduction expiring on New Year’s Eve, this year’s end-of-year... Read More