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LightFair 2016 – Welcome to The Internet of LEDs

This week over thirty of our field engineers from around the country traveled to the West Coast for our annual LightFair team meeting. San Diego is a great destination, the show promised to be huuuuge and the team looked forward to our annual scavenger hunt, scouring Lightfair’s exhibit hall for what’s new, what’s not and what’s wacky.  Winners were promised... Read More

As LED Lighting Continues to Surge, Even Failures Don’t Slow Adoption

This month’s LightFair conference in San Diego will be another measuring stick for LED lighting.  It’s the sixth year since the show turned all-LED, pushing every other lighting technology off the convention floor. Our engineering team will make their annual trip to walk the show, investigating the latest products and partnership announcements and considering what’s next based on futuristic OLED displays. Both... Read More

A Looming Shift to Energy Managed Services?

A few years ago our team defined the concept Enterprise Smart Grid, recommending that to effectively manage energy consumption companies require visibility, control and management systems.  We portrayed an overwhelming number of ESG vendors in our market landscape picture. Now, a few years later, there’s a quiet, follow-on trend being considered by commercial and industrial companies. Outsourcing energy... Read More

Will Efficiency Retrofits Be Sexier in 2016?

This time a few years ago our team met up with a customer to review an energy efficiency proposal planned for early the following year.  Our HVAC and lighting upgrade was set to improve ventilation and lighting, while reducing the building’s annual energy consumption by 250,000 kWh.  The local utility was prepared to contribute 30% of the project’s cost, producing a 28 month... Read More

The Art and Science in Determining Occupancy

Four years ago Nest introduced one of the biggest home energy efficiency devices since the on/off switch.  And while many think the rounded iPhone-like thermostat with a Wifi-connection was the invention, its revolutionary feature was really the integrated motion sensor. Yes, Nest’s easy-to-use interface mocks earlier un-programmable “programmable” thermostats.  And its cloud algorithms make your home’s HVAC smarter, learning as you turn the dial to set points that compete... Read More

The Other Winner When Grocery Stores Invest in Energy Efficiency: Shoppers

Many grocery chains have a history of making investments in sustainability.  The industry’s Food Marketing Institute provides members guidance on a range of programs from agriculture to energy to recycling.  Some join partnerships like the EPA’s Green Chill for managing refrigeration chemicals.  Last week the USDA and the FDA gained industry support for their US Food Waste Challenge, which set the country’s first... Read More

Our Triple Crown – Groom Energy Makes Inc. 5000 For Third Consecutive Year

Last week our team was proud to see Groom Energy’s name again included on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list, this for our third year in a row. A decade ago we started our company not knowing how it would develop, but expecting that each year would be a new chapter, with constant change being a fundamental part of the entrepreneurial journey.... Read More

The New World – Using Toilet Water to Wash Your Hands? Ew.

Last week our annual Red Sox outing came close to being washed out.  The first pitch was thrown with threatening clouds over Fenway, while our iPhones lit up with tornado warnings for Greater Boston.  But we lucked out and the game played on uninterrupted, although the last place Sox did avoid the win. As a distraction from watching errors on the field... Read More

Industrial Steam Efficiency – Think Really Hot Compressed Air

Steam has long been an efficient way for manufacturing plants to deliver predictable, even heating to their production lines.  Typically our customers use medium pressure steam in food processing, as an input for metal or rubber manufacturing or to purify vapor streams in the production of chemicals. Recently our industrial team modeled an energy efficient steam upgrade at a... Read More

LightFair 2015 – Even Fluorescent is Now Uncool….

Last week’s annual LightFair conference was the fifth since the show turned into LEDFair back in 2010. At that event, for the first time, more than half of the show’s 450 vendors were displaying LED products. This year virtually all 500+ vendors in the Javitz Center were LED-centric. LED lighting has been PacMan, gobbling up LightFair booth space formerly reserved for less exciting high-intensity discharge, halogen and neon... Read More