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Does Amazon-Whole Foods make Grocery Store Efficiency more relevant?

Friday’s news hit Bloomberg at 9:06am.  Within minutes my 14 year-old daughter walked in with,”Hey Dad, did you hear Amazon bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion?” There’s no Bloomberg terminal in her room, just an iPhone feed. Rarely does a merger get this speedy visibility with both consumers and stock market followers. Hours later, WalMart’s Bonobos acquisition... Read More

Lightfair 2017 – Standardization is here, LED apps still developing

Last week a dozen Groom Energy team members traveled to the City of Brotherly Love to take part in our 10th annual Lightfair tour.  For two days, the team scattered across the Exhibit Hall floor, navigating around 30,000 other LED lighting fans, searching for what was new, cool and different. Their initial reaction? Surprisingly little has changed from last year.  Standardization... Read More

Without Their Own Software, Can Utilities Survive?

Today large companies often prioritize resources and investment for their core competencies, while everything non-core becomes eligible for outsourcing.  Outsourcing makes them more efficient and saves them money over the long term.  Ironically, knowing how to outsource has itself become a core competency. In the 1980s many companies deemed internally managed, enterprise software to be core.  Oracle... Read More

Energy Managed Services – Can One Company Do It All?

In 2005 we started Groom Energy with a pretty basic idea: eventually, companies would (1) more actively manage and reduce their energy consumption and (2) consolidate their vendors, rewarding the ones who offered comprehensive services and performed the best. Fortunately, today it seems our initial thesis was probably correct. We’ve been able to grow an... Read More

LightFair 2016 – Welcome to The Internet of LEDs

This week over thirty of our field engineers from around the country traveled to the West Coast for our annual LightFair team meeting. San Diego is a great destination, the show promised to be huuuuge and the team looked forward to our annual scavenger hunt, scouring Lightfair’s exhibit hall for what’s new, what’s not and what’s wacky.  Winners were promised... Read More

As LED Lighting Continues to Surge, Even Failures Don’t Slow Adoption

This month’s LightFair conference in San Diego will be another measuring stick for LED lighting.  It’s the sixth year since the show turned all-LED, pushing every other lighting technology off the convention floor. Our engineering team will make their annual trip to walk the show, investigating the latest products and partnership announcements and considering what’s next based on futuristic OLED displays. Both... Read More

A Looming Shift to Energy Managed Services?

A few years ago our team defined the concept Enterprise Smart Grid, recommending that to effectively manage energy consumption companies require visibility, control and management systems.  We portrayed an overwhelming number of ESG vendors in our market landscape picture. Now, a few years later, there’s a quiet, follow-on trend being considered by commercial and industrial companies. Outsourcing energy... Read More

Will Efficiency Retrofits Be Sexier in 2016?

This time a few years ago our team met up with a customer to review an energy efficiency proposal planned for early the following year.  Our HVAC and lighting upgrade was set to improve ventilation and lighting, while reducing the building’s annual energy consumption by 250,000 kWh.  The local utility was prepared to contribute 30% of the project’s cost, producing a 28 month... Read More

The Art and Science in Determining Occupancy

Four years ago Nest introduced one of the biggest home energy efficiency devices since the on/off switch.  And while many think the rounded iPhone-like thermostat with a Wifi-connection was the invention, its revolutionary feature was really the integrated motion sensor. Yes, Nest’s easy-to-use interface mocks earlier un-programmable “programmable” thermostats.  And its cloud algorithms make your home’s HVAC smarter, learning as you turn the dial to set points that compete... Read More

The Other Winner When Grocery Stores Invest in Energy Efficiency: Shoppers

Many grocery chains have a history of making investments in sustainability.  The industry’s Food Marketing Institute provides members guidance on a range of programs from agriculture to energy to recycling.  Some join partnerships like the EPA’s Green Chill for managing refrigeration chemicals.  Last week the USDA and the FDA gained industry support for their US Food Waste Challenge, which set the country’s first... Read More