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RTU Restoration


Bowne (NYSE: BNE) provides financial, marketing and business communications services around the world. In an effort to improve the energy efficiency of its HVAC systems, Bowne engaged Groom Energy Solutions to provide restoration services for the rooftop units (RTUs) at its facility.


Groom Energy technicians performed analysis RTUs, identifying several sources of energy inefficiencies. The team implemented mechanical, thermal and air flow adjustments as well as the overall reconditioning of the system components. Through this process the overall system efficiency was boosted from 22% to 92%, which reduced energy consumption by $21,884 per year.


Technical Results Before Restoration After Restoration Improvement
Tons of A/C 20 20
BTU’s 53,105 226,887 327%
CFM Air Flow 1,959 6,444 229%
Evaporator Coil Air Temp 73.2F 65.6F 12%
Overall Unit Efficiency 22% 95%


Financial Results Total
Annual Operating Hours 432
Annual Operating Cost Before Restoration $37,906
Annual Operating Cost After Restoration $16,076
Annual Operating Cost Savings $21,884
Technology Investment $19,160
Return on Investment 114%