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LED Retail Lighting


Jordan’s Furniture utilized track mounted high-intensity discharge (HID) spot lighting to illuminate its floor merchandise in all of its stores. While this lighting system was effective at providing the desired effect, the HID lamps had short lamp lifespans and needed to be replaced very frequently; in some cases as often as every seven or eight months. These frequent lamp replacements were extremely costly and disruptive to Jordan’s operations.


jodansled1Groom Energy engineers assisted Jordan’s in conducting tests with a variety of LED based replacement systems. The results of these test identified a newly introduced Par 38 LED lamp from Duracell which produced cost effective high quality light. These lamps product light levels 50% greater than the existing HID based system, while consuming less energy and having a much longer lamp mortality. The newly installed system saves more than 500,000 kWh annually and has a warrantied lamp life of 45,000 hours – lasting almost seven times as long as the HID system.


Estimated Lifetime Savings >$3,000,000
Annual Electrical Savings $70,558
Annual Maintenance Savings $384,286
Year One Total Savings $454,844
Installed Cost After Incentives $800,000
Payback (years) 1.76