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Hotel Guest Room Controls


Guest rooms in hotels consume large amounts of energy to stay ideally comfortable, yet guests are often not in their rooms. PTACs and fan coil units can save you money by conditioning rooms less when not occupied. Fan coil unit arrangements offer additional savings when the central systems are controlled as well. From what, if any, interface the customer uses, to temperature set-points and customer-perceived set points, everything is configurable.

Correctly designed and implemented, guests stay comfortable, properties save money, and maintenance can be alerted to and address guest comfort issues from their desk. Groom Energy lends its experience to selecting, implementing and ensuring proper integration with operations.

Last 30 Days Previous 30 Days
118 rooms (60 estimated) 118 rooms (60 estimated)
Savings Runtime Percent 41.35% 40.92%
Average Runtime – Cool 0.15 hrs/day 0.23 hrs/day
Average Runtime – Hot 0.00 hrs/day 0.00 hrs/day
Cooling degree days 329.99 474.10
Heating degree days 15.30 0.00
Occupancy % 49.78% 51.37%
Overall Savings $977.73 $1,378.99