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Energy Controls


EMC Corporation occupies several large office, lab and assembly facilities on a campus setting in Southborough, MA. The largest work and lab space in this complex, consisting of traditional cubicle style work areas, is occupied for only intermittent periods throughout the business week and is surrounded on its periphery by large windows which offer natural sunlight to the interior areas during daylight hours.


Groom Energy’s team performed on-site data logging, gathering detailed information about occupancy periods and ambient light levels during a typical work period. Using this logged data the engineering team identified a significant energy savings to be gained through adding networked based lighting controls to this entire workspace. Through its design Groom Energy delivered an implementation managing 1,300 lighting fixtures in a more energy efficient manner. Based on the Metasys NAE building controller, this system utilizes a six-zone, 270 motion and 126 ambient sensor network, allowing the existing lighting system to automatically switch off during periods of no occupancy or dim down when supplementary natural light is present.






KWh before implementation 678,340
KWh after implementation 268,056
Total cost of project $215,704
Utility rebate $66,364
EMC net cost $149,340
Annual operating savings $65,529
Return on Investment 44%

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