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Energy Assessment


Jordan’s Furniture is a prominent furniture retailer operating throughout the New England market. With multiple large retail and distribution facilities located through the region, Jordan’s engaged Groom Energy to perform energy assessments of all their facilities and provide analysis and recommendations on a building-by-building basis for achieving energy savings at each location.


e_j_graf1Groom’s team performed extensive on-site evaluations at each facility, conducting visual inspection and metered testing while reviewing building operating procedures and maintenance history with Jordan’s facilities management teams. Follow-on utility expense analysis delivered a summary of total energy consumption, along with identifying the energy-consuming system having the most significant impact. These systems were then ranked for the level of incremental energy savings to be achieved through an upgrade, along with their total cost and available financial incentives.


This Energy Assessment project identified multiple renewable and energy efficiency project opportunities across Jordan’s facility portfolio. Energy conservation measures including new systems, upgrades and retrofits for building controls, lighting, chilled water and heating systems were identified along with the energy, carbon and financial impact of each area. Gap analysis for achieving the Energy Star label for certain buildings confirmed an additional benefit resulting from several of these implementations.