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Backup Generator


Crystal Cold Storage (CCS) provides cold storage services from its 2.5 million cubic feet facility, built originally in 2001. Recognizing the business risk associated with loss of power at this New England location, CCS engaged Groom Energy to study how a backup generation system might protect their business during an event.


Groom Energy engineers analyzed CCS’s facility to determine which loads should be supported during an outage event and what system design could accomplish this goal. To base our design on actual operations we first metered and data logged the building’s primary loads and sub-systems for an extended period. The comprehensive design was then developed including the prime mover, it’s concrete pad and pilings, fuel tank, transfer switch, wiring and interconnection plan.


Our final installation was based on a 500 kW Caterpillar generator, with an outdoor primary-service rated, 4-pole 1200 amp capacity Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and a custom remote relay panel for enabling and disabling non-critical loads. The system’s double-walled 1,000 gallon fuel tank made it possible for full load operation for 24 hours without refueling.