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Enterprise Research

Over the past ten years, Groom Energy has studied and published market research in several emerging energy related areas affecting commercial and industrial companies.

Enterprise Carbon Accounting

In 2007 Groom Energy identified the emerging need within large organizations to track, report and manage their GHG emissions, naming this emerging sector Enterprise Carbon Accounting (ECA). Our research reports have since helped companies manage their own process for identifying and selecting software vendors who could help them to manage carbon and energy reporting and administration.

Enterprise LED Lighting

In 2006 Groom Energy began experimenting with the application of the latest LED lighting technology for commercial and industrial environments. We interviewed vendors, LED engineers, utility managers, lighting consultants and, most importantly, our customers, in order to fully understand the market’s opportunities. We also conducted trials with a variety of LED fixtures, within our own and our customer’s facilities.

Based on some of our insights, in 2007 we also founded GroomLED, an LED start up company, later renaming it Digital Lumens, which would develop high performance LED fixtures with embedded intelligence based on the next generation of LED chips.

We also consolidated our learnings during this process into a periodic research report, published and made available with our friends at Greentech Media.

Enterprise Smart Grid

In 2011, Groom Energy identified the emerging market for integrated energy management for corporations, naming this area the Enterprise Smart Grid.    It represents an intelligent network for understanding and managing dynamic energy consumption within a large organization with linkages to business decision making and the company’s P&L. The networked application includes digital metering and control technologies which enable energy managers and operators to monitor where, when and how energy is being consumed, while optimizing consumption based on business rules, embedded intelligence and behavior change.

As an integration of several technologies, the vendor landscape includes a broad range of products.  The categories include companies with offerings in building management systems, utility bill payment, carbon management, energy management, demand response, industrial controls, sub-meters and more.