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Our Strategy: Energy Managed Services

The job for corporate energy managers has gotten more complicated.

Time of use pricing, demand charge inflation and complex cost savings opportunities burdened by performance requirements are emerging.

Enter Energy Managed Services, which we define as providing proactive, remote control of energy consuming systems, optimizing for efficiency, under a subscription model and without negative impact to building occupants or operations.

As your team considers where Energy Managed Services may enable your company to manage costs more effectively, Groom Energy is a partner, on your side of the table, assisting with the development of a comprehensive energy management plan.

Beyond your historical consumption profile, our team performs on-site analysis with metering and sub-metering to confirm your real use rates. We do this at both the building and application level, measuring where seasonal, daily or hourly variability occurs. Applications include your main process systems such as steam, compressed air or refrigeration, and all support systems such as HVAC and lighting. For each of them we’ll need to account for the variability in their uses and work with your operations team to determine the base load required to run your own business.

With this demand side analysis complete, we will also consider where on-site distributed generation can provide an alternative to grid supplied power, and where a system or process could be completely outsourced to deliver significant cost savings.

The results from our metering baselines are a critical starting point in your decision making. With this analysis we’ll be better able to determine how it can be decoupled from your business and what level of time, people and cost savings can realistically be achieved.