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Case study involving demand response for Cirelli Foods, Inc.


  Both Groom Energy and its affiliate Groom
Construction have a long tradition of delivering
national store rollouts for retail companies.
We understand the importance of acting like a
virtual extension to your corporate team, reporting
our daily project progress, so you always know
where we are, and how our implementations
are progressing.

Groom Energy works proactively to identify energy
efficiency measures which can be implemented with
no impact to the customer experience. In retail store
lighting, we'll make recommendations for LED technologies
which also meet stringent requirements for color rendering
and color temperature. In HVAC we'll add supplemental
measures such as demand control ventilation, RTU optimizers
or internet-based thermostats which reduce consumption
without anyone noticing. And because we operate across
the whole US, we'll provide your team simplified
recommendations for which stores, with which measures
in which utility regions, so you can gain the biggest
financial payback for your investment.

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