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Retrofit Kits
GES Hybrid PLT Retrofit Kit

GES Hybrid Induction Retrofit Kit

GES Hybrid Canopy Retrofit Kit

GES Hybrid Low Bay Retrofit Kit

GES Hybrid Round Fixture
GES Hybrid Square Fixture
GES Hybrid Wallpack Fixture

GES Hybrid Induction Round Fixture
GES Hybrid Induction Square Fixture

Parts and Accessories
Wet Location Occupancy Sensor
57 watt Advance Ballast
American CFL Ballast

GE 57 and 70 watt CFL Brouchure

GE 26 watt Amalgam CFL
GE 32 watt Amalgam CFL
GE 42 watt Amalgam CFL

Reseller Pricing

Marketing Materials
Wellesley College Case Study
Garage Can Retrofit Catalog
Retrofit Cross Reference Tool
Lumen Comparison 42WCFL vs 175W MH

HID vs HIF Lamp Graphs
IESNA and NPA Parking Deck Fc Requirements
GE Heat-Light Analysis Parking Fixture

GES Hybrid Garage Retrofit Installation Instructions
Pupil Lumens Chart
CFL Kit Installation Video
Induction Kit Installation Video