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  Food and beverage manufacturers regularly run their
businesses around the clock, while maintaining the highest
standards for reliability and cleanliness. Operating in very
large facilities these manufacturers are often one of their
region’s largest consumers of energy, both in electricity
and gas. With increasing pressures to save money while
operating in an environmentally-friendly manner, they
seek energy savings projects which will not disrupt
manufacturing processes which have already undergone
regulatory compliance testing.

Groom Energy’s teams have strong experience assessing
these sites for opportunities which satisfy these objectives.
We have helped companies develop their carbon footprints,
Carbon Disclosure Project submittals and Walmart Supplier
Sustainabilty Assessments. In addition to traditional
applications for high bay fluorescent lighting and demand
response, our teams have also applied the newest
technologies for unique savings opportunities including
LED lighting, variable frequency drives for refrigeration
and ventilation systems and combined heat and power,
where both electricity and thermal energy is reused by
the manufacturing processes.

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