Construction Management




Incentive Management

When it comes time to implement your energy
projects, Groom Energy provides full service
turnkey delivery for any or all aspects of your

 Engineered Solutions

When moving ahead with a project implementation, we manage the full engineering requirements for all aspects of the systems. This includes leading an engineering design effort that works collaboratively with your facilities team, our vendor’s team and the utilities technical operations where applicable.

 Construction Management
Our team takes responsibility for all aspects of construction management necessary to ensure a successful delivery. We will manage the planning, incentive qualifications, permitting, scheduling of materials, and site coordination to resource management of the installation team. Groom Energy follows a proven process to deliver your projects successfully with the least possible disruption to your business.

 Nationwide Delivery
We maintain coast-to-coast delivery capabilities, allowing our team to manage your implementations quickly and effectively, regardless of where you’re located. In the past twelve months, we’ve performed energy-related projects in over 40 US states, Puerto Rico, Canada and the United Kingdom. In addition, we work actively with our affiliate company, Groom Construction, a 34-year-old, multi-region commercial construction company, allowing us to service even your largest projects.

 Managed Services
Groom Energy provides full on-going monitoring, verification, maintenance and warranty services as necessary for any projects you may be considering. Like our installation services, we deliver this capability anywhere across the United States and include this option as part of design and analysis that we may be developing.

 Financing Services
Wherever we’re designing and implementing solutions, our team has strong experience in arranging a variety of financing options available for each specific application. Whether it’s a simple capital lease for a variable frequency drive or lighting upgrade project or a long-term solar power purchase agreement, we incorporate the financing opportunities into any recommendations you may be considering. With your direction, we then pursue the best options for your company and arrange for capital through our own company or outside financing parties, depending on the size and scope of the application.

 Incentive Management
When done only periodically, managing the federal, state and local incentives for energy projects can be complex. We regularly assume this responsibility for all aspects of the qualification, certification and procurement of these incentives, even for projects that Groom Energy has not installed. Whether it’s an application with a utility partner, a clean energy trust, a state or federal grant program or a Federal EPAct incentive, we have a team that is knowledgeable in these engineering administrative processes, making our customers certain that they can receive the maximum financial incentives that make their projects economically successful.

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